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At Patriot Mobility Inc. we offer a wide selection of scooter lifts. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will find the right model to fit all your auto transporting needs.

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Scooter Lifts

AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is today’s most popular outside scooter lift. The unique hold-down foot automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation and a hefty 350-pound lifting capacity.

AL160 Profile Scooter Lift

The streamlined design of the AL160 Profile Scooter Lift features an open platform design with a simpler, smaller silhouette. It permits an understated presence on the vehicle and, when folded, permits greater visibility out of the rear window.

AL560 Universal Power Lift

Harmar’s AL560 Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift is designed to meet the needs of users who need a quick, automatic securing option without modifications to their power chair. The adjustable platform and vertically adjustable, padded hold-down arm safely and automatically secures virtually any power chair up to 350 lbs.

AL300 Fusion Lift

The AL300 Fusion Lift offers the convenience and versatility to carry a power chair or scooter with one lift. Compatible with virtually all scooters and power chairs, safely secures the mobility device with four, easy-to-operate, Q’Straint retractors.

AL300 Fusion RV Lift

The first and only one of its kind, the revolutionary AL300RV Lift is designed specifically for RVs. This heavily reinforced lift is engineered to withstand the rigors of RV travel and the HD hitch adapter will fit virtually any RV.

AL580 Next Generation Power Lift

The lightest solution on the market providing more options! The AL580 Lift is a compact, durable and American-made outside vehicle platform lift that safely and securely transports power wheelchairs. With tidy and space efficient rear profile, this lift has a highly desirable and understated presence on the vehicle exterior.

AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

Harmar Hybrid Lifts provide easy drive-on, drive-off convenience for Power Chairs and/or Power Scooters. The compact design of this AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift fits virtually all scooters & power chairs and is ideal for SUV’s and smaller crossovers.

AL825 Pickup 225 Speed

The AL825 Pickup 225 Speed is the perfect solution for pickup truck owners that don’t need the 350 lbs. capacity of the AL835 and want a faster cycle time. The AL825 provides ample clearance and reach with one less motor than the competition, meaning fewer buttons and simpler operation.

AL215 Axis L Single Axis Inside Lift

Harmar’s AL215 Axis L/Single Axis Inside Lift is an efficient and economical solution for transporting smaller, lighter power chairs and scooters. Powered lifting and manual rotation helps load the mobility device. An offset post allows the mobility device to be safely unloaded to the side of the vehicle.

This simple to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair inside your minivan or full size van at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Joey lift and store your mobility device for you.

This easy to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair outside your vehicle at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Out-Sider do the lifting for you. Scooters and powerchairs are automatically secured when lift is raised. Retractable belts are also available for securement.

Mobility devices weighing up to 350 lbs/159 kgs can now be transported with small or mid-size cars thanks to Bruno’s revolutionary Chariot. The Chariot is a lift on wheels with its own independent suspension to bear the full weight and force of the load. Designed for safety and ease of operation, the Chariot’s wheels spin 360 degrees to keep it precisely in line with your car.

Available for a wide variety of vehicles, the Curb-Sider is the Bruno’s most popular solution for lifting and transporting scooters or powerchairs inside a vehicle using a hoist.

Bruno Out-Sider Micro

Experience easy transport of your 3-wheel mobile scooter with Bruno’s light outside scooter lift. The Bruno Out-Sider Micro can power lift your travel scooter, weighing up to 145 lbs with just the push of a button. It’s low profile design virtually minimizes any rear vision obstruction.

Bruno Auto Lifts in West Babylon, NY

The Bruno Space-Saver is your economical solution to transporting your small mobile scooter or wheelchair when you have limited trunk space or a hatchback. This automatic auto lift is easy to assemble and works virtually in almost any vehicle.

Pride BackPacker AVP Auto Lift

Easily and conveniently take your mobility device on the road in your SUV with the Pride Backpacker® AVP. The Pride Scooter Lift is the ultimate solution to lifting your powered scooter into your vehicle, engineered specifically to be a perfect fit for a wide variety of popular vehicles.

Pride olympian Auto Lift

The Pride Scooter Lift is strong, agile and aesthetically pleasing.Highly adjustable with sophisticated engineering, it fits most vehicles and is easily removed and transferable.

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