C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift


Designed for use in the home, the C-300 is the most affordable ceiling lift available. Compact and weighing just over five pounds, the C-300 can lift up to 300 lbs Its unique detachable, quick-connection system makes moving it between track locations fast and easy.

As the C-300 works with Prism’s FST-300 and all other types of installed fixed track systems, the C-300 fits a wide range of situations, making it ideal for all of your home care needs. The C-300 provides a permanent or temporary solution in residential and home care environments, and additionally, can even provide a solution for unique short-term rental needs.

For safe patient handling and patient transfers, the C-300’s exceptionally low cost and minimal maintenance requirements make it the perfect equipment choice.

Product Features
  • Safe working load of 300 lbs. (136 kgs.)
  • Long strap length allows transfers from low beds
  • Safety mechanisms: over speed governor, built-in load limits, slack tape sensor
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Faster Hi-Lo operation than many other lifts
  • Hand control & quick-charge plug are ergonomic & easy simple to use
  • Carry bar fits wide range of people and sling styles
  • Available with 360º detachable, track connector for easy transport
  • Most affordable ceiling lift available

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