Mobility Scooter FAQ

When should I replace the battery in my mobility scooter?

You should replace the battery once a year, But any time you notice the battery not holding a charge. 

How far can I travel on a full charge?

Traveling distance depends on the type of mobility scooter you own, the amount of usage and the battery type. All manufacturers vary.

How many hours will my mobility scooter last on a full charge?

Each mobility scooter battery holds a different charge. You can call us for your exact battery and we can let you know how many hours you will be able to get out of your scooter.

Are Mobility Scooters allowed in stores?

Yes. Mobility Scooters are allowed in department stores and supermarkets. Most stores do not discriminate against using a mobile unit for accessibility.

Can a mobility scooter be ridden outside or in dirt?

Yes. Mobility Scooters can be ridden in dirt. Different scooters come equipped with different size tires and suspension for more support and better traction when traveling and riding in heavier terrains.

Can I use my scooter on highways and parkways?

Mobility scooters can be ridden on parkways and highways however it is not recommended for safety. Some mobility scooters are not fully built with enough speed to keep up with larger vehicles like cars and trucks. Drive at your own risk.

What Maintenance will my mobility scooter require?

A annual inspection by Patriot Mobility Inc of West Babylon, NY is highly recommended.  During an annual mobility scooter inspection we check tires, batteries and the overall unit for any damages, wear and tares and parts that may need replacing. 

When is it recommended to replace or change parts?

Each manufacturer has different guidelines for replacing parts. Contact us to help you decide or call for a annual inspection.

Do I need to insure my scooter?

No The DMV does not require you to insure your mobility scooter. Depending on the manufacturer your scooter may come with a warranty.

Do I need a special license for my scooter?

No it is not required to have a special license for your mobility scooter. mobility scooters are not considered a vehicle that needs a specific class ID.

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