The Care At Home Medicaid Waiver Program

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08 Nov The Care At Home Medicaid Waiver Program

CAH Cafre At Home Program A Medicaid Waiver Program in NYThe Care at Home (CAH) program is a special Medicaid waiver program. It is designed to provide certain medical and related services to families who want to bring their physically disabled child home from a hospital or nursing home. Families who have already brought their child home can also apply.
The CAH program is for families who would not normally be eligible for Medicaid. CAH Medicaid helps to pay for medically necessary in-home services to make it possible for physically disabled children to live in their own home with their families.

Two types of CAH programs are administered by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH):
CAH I is for physically disabled children who require a level of care provided in a skilled nursing facility.
CAH II is for physically disabled children who are technology dependent and require the level of care provided in a hospital.

Case managers can work for different types of agencies—a LDSS or other State or private agencies. You will be able to choose your child’s case manager from any agency enrolled as a CAH case management provider doing business in the district where you and your child live.

Home Adaptation and Vehicle Modification Services

The CAH program can also help with financing for certain home and vehicle modifications. These services are covered to ensure the welfare and safety of your child and to permit your child to move about within your home, and/or to provide access between the home and the community.

Covered Adaptations and Services

Examples of changes that can be made to a home or vehicle that may be covered by Medicaid include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Purchase of a backup generator for needed medical equipment
  • Installation of wheelchair ramps
  • Widening of doorways
  • Installation of stair glides
  • Modifications to permit independent use of bathroom or modifications to facilitate bathroom use with assistance
  • Modification to a parent-owned vehicle to accommodate the needs of a childHome adaptations to accommodate a child in the CAH program will only be approved for the child’s primary residence. The cost of any home adaptations must fit within your child’s annual CAH budget. The total costs of all home adaptations cannot exceed $20,000 for the duration that your child is enrolled in the cah program.


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