The Importance Of Maintenance

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03 May The Importance Of Maintenance

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 Pride Scooter repairs by Patriot Mobility IncWhen it comes to maintenance of your mobility equipment it is very important to keep all parts up to date and checked by a professional mobility technician. When medical equipment breaks down, it can cause a threat not only to you but others around you. When checking the parts on your new and used mobility equipment it is important to make sure you have a warranty that covers repair or maintenance or ask your mobility equipment provider for any repair programs the company may be offering. Below is a list of items that you should make sure are checked periodically and maintained yearly.

When Does My Auto Lift Need Maintenance?

It is very important to make sure car Lifts for mobility scooters and power chairs are always maintained. Auto Lifts over time can become loose and not operate properly from the constant use of securing your power chair or mobile scooter. If you own a car lift make sure these items are always checked:

  • Oil All Pivot Points on all moving parts
  • Re-grease the inside of vertical square tube, lower to ground clean with wd-40, when clean grease square vertical tube shaft with high grade water resistant grease.
  • Check for paint chips, paint using high gloss black enamel or lacquer
  • Inspect and tighten all bolts
  • Inspect and adjust drop down handle
  • Check T handle and safety pin
  • Open and close swing away
  • Check all straps
  • Check battery connection
  • Inspect straps if applicable
  • Customer Education refresher


carliftSometimes parts on Auto Lifts can detach or come loose if not checked periodically. At the time of installation, you should make sure that the mobility technician double checks before you leave the premises. Ask the technician for a complete inspection before operating the lift and if they can give you a manufacturer refreshed on how to operate and maintain the lift.


How To Maintain A Wheelchair Ramp?

Wheelchair ramps can be a complex job for someone who has no experience in inspecting a handicapped ramp. If the user is semi handy with materials he or she may have a good idea of how to identify issues or things that may need repairing. The items below are useful in making sure your handicap ramp is up to date and fully operational. This checklist can be used for checking and inspecting a wooden, aluminum and steel ramp. Here is what you should know on how to maintain your ramp:

  • Check all anchoring points
  • Check all bolts
  • Tighten all Railings
  • Check and file down all sharp points
  • Check for paint chips, paint using high gloss black enamel or lacquer

If you are not sure where to locate these parts, call your mobility equipment provider right away and have them come to inspect your ramp for any issues.

How To Maintain Your Stair Lift?

stairlift-repairIt is very important to make sure your Stair Lift is fully operational at all times. Monthly inspections are recommended to ensure proper function and control. If you are not familiar with the moving parts on your stair lift, then you should contact your mobility equipment provider for more information on your exact model and make. Below is a list of things to look for when inspecting your start lift:

  • Clean Rails, Racks and Wheels
  • Re-Grease
  • Clean charging contacts (both carriage and rail) with lightweight scotch brite
  • Check battery voltage
  • Check safety switched (overspeed, limit switched, seat rotation
  • Check Armrest switch, ensure lift stops upon release
  • Check upper and lower travel limits
  • Check barrier are switches
  • Check that charing system is free of corrosion and is not showing unusual wear
  • check batteries are charging and holding charge


How To Check Your Stair Lift Battery Charger Output

The following is a guide on how to check that your stair lifts battery charger is having a positive and negative flow of stable energy at all times.

  • Load test using remote controls: check voltage while carriage is traveling up
  • Test with carriage against contacts
  • Test with carriage away from contacts
  • Check contact lights
  • Check speed and ride quality
  • Check seat belt for wear and operation
  • Check wires for cuts or abrasions
  • Check seat swivel, check that it locks in place, ensures unit does not operate when not locked
  • Check all hardware is tighten to proper torque values
  • Replace the 9v call send transmitter batteries
  • Ensure seat is not rubbing on wall
  • Check to ensure seat height is still appropriate to customer\
  • Check foot rest safey switch
  • Customer Education refresher


At Patriot Mobility Inc your safety is our number one concern. Making sure that your medical equipment and mobility products meet the industry standards and safety guidelines at all times. Our maintenance and repair programs are focused on helping and educating the end user from start to finish. For more information on our repair programs call (631) 392-4050 and speak to a certified technician today. Download Maintenance Check List

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