National Ramp Interview Of The Month

04 Apr National Ramp Interview Of The Month

This month’s “Interview of the month” goes to National Ramp of Valley Cottage, NY. National Ramp is the leader in the wheelchair ramp industry. They have been in business for over 10 years providing a variety of different types of modular ramps.

We recently had the pleasure to speak with one of the partners and owners of National Ramp, Garth Walker. Here is what he had to say.

National Ramp wheelchair ramps by Patriot Mobility Inc of West Babylon NYWhat Services Does National Ramp Specialize In?

Currently, National Ramp specializes in wheelchair ramps. We sell Aluminum, Steel and Wooden Ramps. We have a number of wheelchair ramp solutions for commercial and residential properties.


How Long Has National Ramp Been In Business?

National Ramp has been in business for 10 years. National Ramp was formed to fulfill a real need in the modular ramp industry. Before National Ramp came about, there was only two choices of wheel chair ramps:

  • A painted steel ramp that rusts easily
  • Solid Surface aluminum ramp that can become slippery when wet


What Is National Ramp’s Best Seller?National Ramps Aluminum Wheelchair ramps by Patriot Mobility Inc

National Ramps best-seller is Aluminum ramps. National Ramps modular aluminum ramps are the only open mesh aluminum ramp on the market. Their Aluminum ramps are easy to install and virtually have no rusting or rotting. Additional features include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Multi0Weld Fabrication process ensures less deflection or ramp surface
  • Unique welded cone-mounted hand rail design is more rigid than standard side-bolted handrails


Patriot Mobility Inc has been doing business with National Ramp for years. We order a variety of ramps depending on the needs of the customer, from Aluminum, to steel and wooden wheelchair ramps. For more information on how you can order a quality wheelchair ramp from National Ramp contact Patriot Mobility Inc at 1-(631) 392-4050 today.

You can visit National Ramps website here.

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