How To Choose The Right Wheelchair Ramp

31 Mar How To Choose The Right Wheelchair Ramp

National Ramp is one of the largest wheelchair ramp manufacturers in the country. They provide a number of handicap ramp solutions for easy accessibility. National Ramp invented the aluminum open mesh ramp design, which is still their trademark product line today. Today, they have a network of National Ramp dealers from coast to coast in the United States and Canada who have benefitted from their unique ramp lines. National Ramp now manufacturers 3 different ramp lines including aluminum, steel and wood and their most recent handicap ramp, solid panel aluminum.

Through Patriot Mobility Inc in West Babylon, NY you’re able to purchase a quality wheelchair ramp exclusively made by National Ramp. All ramps are built and installed by industry guidelines and standards. If you’re looking for a ramp that is low maintenance, cost efficient, aesthetically pleasing and backed by a lifetime or limited warranty look no further than National Ramp products. National Ramp and Patriot Mobility Inc have the right products and technicians to help you make the right choice.

Which Wheelchair Ramp is Right For You?

With many handicap ramps on the market, how do you know which one is right fit for your everyday needs? All National Ramp products are built carefully with this in mind. Below is list of what Patriot Mobility Inc. uses to determine which ramp is right for you:

  • The weight of the user
  • The amount of space in and around the home
  • The color and material to match the home and the environment
  • The amount of usage
  • The type of accessibility products being used on the ramp


Aluminum Ramps in Long Island, NYWhat Is The Best Choice Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp?

The best wheelchair ramp overall is National Ramp’s Modular Aluminum Ramp. This ramp is the only open mesh aluminum ramp on the market that is durable enough to resist rusting and rotting. It’s multi weld fabrication process ensures less deflection of ramp surface allowing for a smoother ride. Not only is this aluminum ramp durable it is also easy to install and maintain. National Ramps aluminum ramp is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and free of headaches. Click here to learn more about Aluminum Ramps by National Ramp.

What Is The Best Steel Wheelchair Ramp?

With National Ramps Modular Steel Ramp Series you do not have to worry about much upkeep like a wooden wheelchair ramp. Steel Ramps are easy to install and their modular design allow virtually any configuration. Their unique welded cone-mounted hand rail design is a more rigid than standard side-bolted handrails. Steel Ramps by National Ramp are backed by a 3 Year Warranty and come with additional features including:

  • Textured finish for slip resistance
  • 800 lb. Weight capacity
  • ADA compliant
  • Tuxedo Black color to compliment an exterior finish
  • All components are coated with durable powder coated finish- far more durable than painted steel ramps.


What isWooden Wheelchair Ramps in Long Island NY a Good Wooden Wheelchair Ramp?

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your home National Ramps wooden wheelchair ramps are a good choice. They are an affordable all-natural ramp solution. They can be painted or stained to match your deck or porch and are pressure treated to prevent rotting. Wooden Wheelchair Ramps are also ADA compliant 36” width and are backed by a limited Warranty. Additional features include:

  • Unique leg design to maximize structural integrity
  • Wood Decking spaced allow for drainage as well as natural expansion and contraction


How To Maintain a Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair Ramp Maintenance in Long Island, NYAll Wheelchair Ramps require maintenance over time. It is important to pay attention to specific parts and materials on your ramp that require upkeep. Below is a list of items that need upkeeping on wheelchair ramps:

  • Check all anchoring points
  • Check all bolts for rotting and loosening
  • Tighten All Railings
  • Check and file down all sharp points
  • Check for paint chips, paint using high gloss black enamel or lacquer

To learn more about wheelchair ramps or to schedule a home evaluation contact a Patriot Mobility Inc technician for more information.

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