Winter Safety Tips In and Outside The Home

03 Feb Winter Safety Tips In and Outside The Home

During the winter, the cold temperatures and snowy conditions can make traveling and doing recreational activities challenging. Here is some helpful tips for preventing common winter hazards inside and outside the home.

Avoid Slippery Stairs and Roads

  • When snow turns to ice, it creates thin sheets over stairs and roads that are not visible to the eye. Falls are common for senior citizens, especially during the winter months. Injuries can occur during a fall that can result in death or bodily injury.

Make sure to wear shoes or boots with good traction and non-skid sole to prevent slipping. It is better to stay in doors when roads are slippery.


Stay Warm by Dressing Warm

  • If not dressed warm, cold temperatures can lead to hypothermia during the winter resulting in frost bite, shortness of breathe and even death.

Make sure to extra layers during the winter. The more layers the better. Wear warm socks, a heavy down coat, a warm hat, gloves and a scarf to cover your mouth and face. In very cold temperatures, cover all skin that can be exposed to the cold.


Stock Up

  • When it comes to winter storms, many people can be trapped indoors for at least 2days. Make sure to stock up on candles, canned foods, breads, milk, water bottles and non perishables. Candles are great for power outages. Power outages can occur when snowy conditions become windy and snow becomes heavy.


Stay Alert

  • During the winter it is important to stay on top of the weather and the cold temperatures.
  1. Make sure to check the weather periodically
  2. Make sure your cars breaks, fluids and tires are up to date
  3. Make sure you have  fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector in your home


The most important tip to keep in mind during the winter months is to ask for help from others whether it be a family member, a neighbor or kids around the neighborhood. If you need to clear your property of snow and ice, don’t hesitate to ask. Arrange rides to the grocery store and doctor’s appointments if you are are having car troubles or have difficulty driving in the slippery and snowy conditions. Many communities have shuttle services specifically for seniors and towns have centers for seniors where they can call for bus service.


For more information on winter safety tips or have questions about a wheelchair ramp installation during the winter call (631) 392-4050 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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