How To Choose The Right Walk-In Bath Tub

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15 Jan How To Choose The Right Walk-In Bath Tub


Consider A Walk-In Bath Tub For Your Home

Regular traditional bath tubs can be dangerous for the elderly and people with mobility issues. Most of the time risky situations occur when entering and exiting a bathtub or shower.

Walk In Bath Tubs can be the easy fix to all your problems. Walk-In Bath Tubs are specially designed tubs which typically are built with doors and seats. Most walk-in bath tubs can open and close their doors and have attachment and addon options. Accessible tubs are great for seniors and those who have a hard time standing in a shower. Most walk in tubs can be found at Senior living centers, in elderly homes, retirement communities and even hospitals.

If you’re looking for safety and preventing near future mishaps, consider installing a Walk-in tub next time you remodel your bathroom.

How Are Walk-In bath Tubs Designed?

Walk-in bath tubs come equipped with doors that easily open and close. The Accessible door opening is on the front side of the bathtub. With a walk in tubs the user can enter the tub without much lifting of their legs over the threshold, as with a normal tub would take more lifting.

Walk In Tubs are designed to keep water in the tub so that it doesn’t flood the bathroom floors. The tightly sealed doors help to keep the water in and secure the user within the tubs fixture. Most walk in tubs come with fast drain capabilities so the user is not waiting long for the water to evacuate.

All Walk in tubs require professional installation from a contractor or accessibility specialist.  All walk in tubs include a number of features such as handrails or grip handles, adjustable bubble jets, adjustable shower head and inside tub seating.

The Advantages Of A Walk-In Bath TubWalk In Bath Tub Installations by Patriot Mobility Inc

There are many benefits of installing a walk in bath tub. For those with mobility issues, Walk in tubs are a great choice. Accessible tubs are designed to help prevent a user from slipping and hurting themselves. Most Tubs come with:

  • Handrails
  • Textured pads
  • Tightly Sealed Doors


With Walk In Bath Tubs there is no need for sliding shower doors. Sliding shower doors pose a major danger for seniors and users with mobility issues that use the door for stability when bathing. Sliding shower doors are not designed or built to accommodate a persons body weight. The end result of a person using the sliding shower door for stability can lead to the door shattering creating a dangerous environment for the user.

Another advantage of having a walk in bath tub installed is the resale value. If you live in a retirement community, a walk in bath tub can potentially raise the value of your home or be used as a major selling point in the sale of your home for a senior or a person with mobility issues.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of A Walk In Bath Tub?

With any product on the market there is always going to be pros and cons. The disadvantages of a a walk in bath tub DO NOT outweigh the advantages of purchasing one for your home. Here is some of the disadvantages of  walk in tub:

  • Entering the tub before turning on the water. Patients must sit and weight before the tub fills and becomes the appropriate water temperature resulting in a user becoming impatient or cold.
  • Waiting for the tub to drain. Before exiting the walk in tub, you need to wait for the water to drain so no water leaks from the tub causing slippery wet floors.


Many manufacturers have designed tubs with fast filling faucets and moving drains with built in temperature controls which will help to eliminate the wait and discomfort of cold water temperatures. With additional features, the cost of your walk in bath tub can go up resulting in an expensive project.

Before you look into purchasing a walk in bath tub, it is important to consider your options and financial situation. Patriot Mobility Inc of West Babylon, NY can help you make the right choice from making recommendations, taking measurements and installing your next walk in tub. Call to schedule a consultation at (631) 392-4050

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