Scooter Lifts VS The Pride Go Go Scooters


14 Jul Scooter Lifts VS The Pride Go Go Scooters

When it comes to mobility and accessibility, it is important to look for the most convenient way to transport your mobile scooter. For some people looking for an easy alternative to transporting your scooter without the use of a scooter lift, you may want to look into a mobile scooter that can be broken down into several parts. Not all scooters can be broken down but not all scooters need a scooter lift. In this article we will list the pros and cons to using a Scooter lift Versus a scooter that can be disassembled.

Automatic Scooter Lifts
Automatic scooter lifts are great for transporting your mobile scooter from one destination to another. You can easily attach a scooter lift to specific vehicles like trucks, vans and certain cars. You may want to call your car dealership or manufacturer to see if your car can have a lift be attached to the back of your vehicle before purchasing an automatic scooter lift.

Scooter Lift Pros
• Can easily transport your mobile scooter
• Durable construction and adjustable parts
• Weight capacity up to 350 LBS

Scooter Lift Cons
• Some scooter lifts need to be modified to fit the lift
• Only specific vehicles can use a scooter lift
• Maintenance and Repairs Needed

Pride Go Go Scooter
The Pride Go Go Scooter is great for people on the go, hence the name Go Go. Pride Go Go Scooters are easy to disassemble and assemble. All Pride Go Go Scooters can fit conveniently in the trunk of any size vehicle. Pride Go Go scooters are compact and easy to maneuver. Pride scooters come in 3 wheel and 4 wheel.

Pride Go Go Scooter Pros
• Easy Assembly and Disassembly
• No scooter lift required
• Easily Transportable
• Compact & Lightweight

Pride Go Go Scooter Cons
• Limited Weight Capacity
• Folding Go Go can be heavy for some users to lift

We recommend that you consult a Patriot Mobility Inc. representative for more information on choosing the right mobile solution for you. Scooter lifts are great for people with any size scooter. They are recommended for individuals that do a lot of traveling and have scooters that they are unable to disassemble or fold up. Scooter Lifts and The Pride Go Go both have pros and cons but they vary depending on the user. Call today for a free consultation. 1800-392-9036

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