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07 Jul Suffolk Independent Living Organization

Our Interview of the Month goes out to the Suffolk Independent Living Organization also known as SILO.  We had the pleasure to meet up with the executive director of SILO Joseph Delgado last week at our sponsored Long Island Ducks game.

The Suffolk Independent Living Organization is a non-profit consumer controlled organization that is geared towards helping those with disabilities.  They have a long reputation of providing cross-disability related services to the disabled community.

SILO focuses on empowerment, mentorship, knowledge and advocacy.  They are the number one source for information and help by promoting equal access for people with disabilities.

SILO History

The Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) was founded in 1982 by June Roberts. June firmly believed that people with disabilities should have choices on how to live their life. She found that her beliefs were tied to the nationwide Independent Living Movement which asserts that people with disabilities have the same rights and responsibilities, needs and desires, as their non-disabled peers.

The Independent Living Movement grew out of the Disability Rights Movement, which began in the 1970s. June took her vision and with the help of others opened SILO in order to provide needed resources for the disabled population. When June first opened SILO there was only one department and few services. Today SILO is comprised of four different programs offering over 20 different services and year around activities for our consumers.


For more information on SILO visit their website

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