How To Beat The Heat With Indoor Summer Activities

Family preparing food together

30 Jun How To Beat The Heat With Indoor Summer Activities

Summer is here and so will the days when it will get to hot to go outside.  Luckily for you we put together a few ideas for indoor activities that you can spend with you and your family indoors. Whether you’re into crafts, movies, games, food and much more, we have ideas to help you get through those hot humid days.


Board Game Day-   If you’re into playing games with your kids or loved ones, consider having a board game day. There are stores like Five Below that sell popular board games for as little as $5 so you have a variety of games to choose from. Throw some popcorn in the microwave, maybe a movie in the background and get the dice rolling.


Movie Marathon-  Hot days and rainy days are great days to spend indoors and watch your favorite movies.  Put the AC on and make some popcorn and sit around with your friends and family and enjoy the show!


Visit a Local Museum or Aquarium – If you want to get out of the house a bit but don’t want to be in the sun, make it a day by visiting a local museum or aquarium.  Visiting a Museum or an Aquarium can be both entertaining and educational.


Have A Craft Day- If you’re into making crafty pieces, you should consider having a craft day with your family. There are plenty of great ideas on things you and your family can craft on Pinterest. You can also follow our Pinterest Board for inspirational ideas. –Patriot Mobility Pinterest



Go To The Movies- Take your family or loved ones to the Movies to see a new summer blockbuster.


Indoor Picnic- Have some fun with your family and have an indoor picnic.  Make some  hamburgers and hot dogs or make some delicious turkey and avocado sandwiches with bacon. For dessert get yourself an apple pie or bake some cookies or make cupcakes.

Family preparing food together

Family preparing food together

Heat waves and very hot days are no fun especially for those who are sensitive to the sun and the heat. Make sure to stay well hydrated, wear sunscreen and light colors if you do find yourself out on hot humid days.



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