Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mobility Scooter


28 Apr Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mobility Scooter

When looking to purchase a mobility scooter, there are a few things to consider. Purchasing a mobility scooter is an investment and takes time to research. There are a variety of options and features to choose from. Before choosing a mobility scooter here is a few things to think about.

Are you physically able to operate a mobility scooter?

If you are able to sit upright for an extended period of time and can use both hands to steer and operate the mobile controls, you are most likely a good candidate for a powered mobility scooter.

If your disability requires your legs to be elevated or have little to no hand strength you may want to consider looking into a power wheelchair. There a special seating options such as positioning pads for people with disabilities that require more attention and focus on their posture.  Power wheelchairs are operating using a joystick that is mounted to the armrest so they can be maneuvered with one hand instead of steering with two.

How much weight can a scooter carry?

It is important to know the weight capacity of your scooter.  This ultimately will eliminate some choices right off the bat for you. Scooters have a weight limit depending on a few variables such as your weight, accessories like oxygen tanks, baskets, bags and other item holders.

If you are close to the weight capacity of the scooter you like, it is a good idea to choose a mobility scooter that is in the next capacity rage. Many people start to gain weight when they stop walking.

How Far will you be Traveling on your scooter?

If you are able to walk around the house with a cane or walker and little assistance but need your mobility scooter to run errands such as shopping or traveling, then it might be a good idea to look into a compact travel scooter. Scooter designed as “Travel Scooters” have many features and options to choose from.  They are easily accessible and easily transportable. Most compact travel scooters also come apart of fold up for better storage options and flexibility.

How will you store your scooter?

If you are looking to travel and store your scooter in your vehicle, you need to think of how much space and energy you need to assemble and disassemble your scooter.  The larger the scooter the more likely you will need a vehicle lift. Remember to ask for assistance when choosing a scooter to make sure how easy or difficult it can be to store your scooter when traveling.

Will health insurance pay for my power scooter?

When it comes to purchasing a mobility scooter many people ask if there health insurance will help pay for their power scooter. Some insurance companies have requirements depending on the type of condition you may have and why you will need the mobile scooter. To see if you are eligible for these benefits, Medicare and other insurance companies typically require

Proving medical necessity is the biggest hurdle in getting your medical insurance to pay a portion of your mobility scooter or power wheelchair cost.  Medicare’s requirements, typically copied by other insurance companies, are as follows:

  • You must have a medical need in order to use the equipment
  • The scooter may not be used for recreational or leisure use
  • It must be needed for use in the home and fit the layout of your home
  • It cannot be used to get around outside your home
  • You must be unable to use a cane a walker or operate a manual wheelchair
  • Your Doctor must provide proof of why you need a scooter and explain your type of condition.

If you are in need of assistance purchasing a mobility scooter Patriot Mobility Inc can help you decide what the best fit is for you.  Call us now at 800-392-9036

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