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14 Apr Home Safety Tips For Adults

As the numbers of adults living independently increases, it is important to know how to stay safe at home. A number of things can go wrong that can hurt or injure someone that lives on their own.

More than 2.3 million accidents occur each year where older Americans are injured in their very own home. Many injuries and even fatal accidents occur from falls, poisonings, burns and much more. Most of these accidents occur because older adults may have less reaction and response time and may not be able to take action in case of an emergency. Many older adults that have problems seeing, walking or hearing are more susceptible to accidents.

Below is a list of Home Safety Tips For Adults that will help prevent or make aware of situations that should be avoided to avoid injury and bodily harm. If you’re an older adult or have a loved one that lives alone, here are some safety tips you should use to stay safe.

General Safety Tips

It’s important to report an emergency right away when something happens. You should keep a list of emergency numbers by each phone or in your actual phone device so they are easily accessible at all times. Make sure to have the numbers to local emergency services, fire department, police, family members, poison control and your doctor’s office.

Keep a Fire extinguisher handy. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors should be on each floor and should be checked monthly.

Consider becoming a member of a medical alert system

Make sure stair cases and walk ways have good lighting and that all light switches work properly.

Make sure spills are cleaned up properly to avoid slippery floors.

Make sure electrical equipment and mobility equipment are working properly

Make sure equipment is properly plugged in to the wall and batteries within the units are charged.

Bathroom Safety

Make sure bathrooms have a night light or dim light on during the night. This will help if there are any spills or slippery floors as well as to help avoiding bumping into sharp edges.

Make sure that cleaning materials are stored away in a separate closet away from food, medicine and beverages.

Have a first aid kit handy

Hand rails and grab arms should be installed in showers and tubs. This list is just some of the many tips out there for home safety. It is important to follow all tips and try implementing these tips into your daily routine. If you find yourself in an emergency call 911 immediately and call your neighbor or family member right away for assistance.

– Patriot Mobility Inc

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