Important Tips For Car Lift Maintenance


09 Mar Important Tips For Car Lift Maintenance

Car lift maintenance is important for people that use their car lifts daily. Daily maintenance should be done to your car lift to ensure safety and proper placement. The American National Standard outlines that all types of car lifts must be maintained and inspected for proper vehicle lift operation.  The standard for vehicle lift inspections requires all occupants to have their car lift reviewed by a qualified lift inspector. In this article we’ll review some important tips for car lift maintenance that you can do daily to safe yourself on future repairs and damage to your car lift or mobile scooter.

Check Your Car Lift Cables

The number one problem for most accidents and damage to a vehicle lift occur when the cables are not properly adjusted to support your scooter. This is the most important part of car lift maintenance.  Over time the cables that are used to support the scooter stretch and can ultimately cause the lift to rise unevenly. Typically each cable should have about .5” of deflection. It is important to check the manual that was provided with your car lift and follow all specific instructions on cable and wire adjustments. The average time it takes to replace lift cables is normally about every four to five years. It is best to replace the cables if you see any rusting, corrosion, rotting or any other abnormality. If you notice any parts that are broken or worn and in need of repair or replacing, you may click here to receive a free consultation and a Patriot Mobility technician will better assist you on the maintenance of your car lift.

Checking Your Car Lift

The most important tip for car lift maintenance is to do a simple walk around of your car lift and check for any improper loading on the lift, and any other unnecessary debris or rubble that may be caught in the tracks or carriage. Daily car lift checks are rarely performed and as a result the operation of your car lift may become jeopardized or inoperable. As a tip, remember to run the lift up and down without a load to ensure the safety features are working properly. If you notice any spills or oils on any lift component while performing a car lift check, immediately rinse and wipe down with a clean rag. You may use penetrating oils or WD-40 to spray the cables but any other oils or debris that is backing up your lift should be removed immediately to ensure smooth operation of your car lift. The cables can be sprayed down about every three months.

Annual Maintenance

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly car lift maintenance should be performed to ensure safety and effective operation of your vehicle lift. When checking your car lift for things that may cause the vehicle lift to become defective, it is important to remember that personal injury can occur. Another tip for car lift maintenance and ensuring your safety while inspecting your vehicle lift is to inspect your cables and wires carefully. If you become confused while inspecting your car lift then seek assistance from a trained technician. Below is a breakdown of how and when you should perform car lift maintenance.


When And How to Check You Vehicle Lift


Daily Car Lift Check

  • – Give the vehicle a quick walk around before lift use
  • – Check for leaks and debris
  • – Inspect the hoses, wires, cables and chains of any environmental wear
  • – Confirm that the lift is operating smoothly

Weekly Car Lift Check

  • – Oil and lubricate all chain rollers and pulley, and carriage tracks
  • – Tighten any nuts and bolts if necessary
  • – Check cable tension and adjust accordingly as necessary

 Monthly Car Lift Check

  • – Check all mechanisms and make sure they are working properly
  • – Lubricate parts if necessary
  • – Tighten any nuts and anchor bolts
  • – Inspect Lift and remove any worn or defective moving parts

We hope that this article was useful in helping you better understand the maintenance involved in caring for your car lift. Remember that every vehicle lift is assembled differently and should be operated and cared for as outlined in their manual. If you are in need of any assistance to ensure proper operation of your car lift, you may contact a Patriot Mobility Technician to better assist you.

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