The Benefits Of Aluminum Wheel Chair Ramps


17 Feb The Benefits Of Aluminum Wheel Chair Ramps

When researching the best types of wheel chair ramps on the market, there are a few things to take into consideration.  It is important to thoroughly understand the amount of maintenance involved, the costs associated with the construction of a wheel chair ramp, the durability of the ramp, and the ability to adjust the ramp as needed. All of these components play an equally important role in choosing the best wheelchair ramp for your home. Here at we explore the benefits of aluminum wheel chair ramps, their installation, color choices and user information.

With many years in the wheel chair ramp industry, evidence and experience has shown that there are many benefits to owning a aluminum wheel chair ramp. From adaptability, durability and lowest maintenance possible, owning an aluminum wheel chair ramp is very beneficial for most homeowners.

Why Choose an Aluminum Wheel Chair Ramp

Aluminum wheel chair ramps are very adaptable to any type of home. They offer many types of options for the customer. They can easily be configured to access any entrance around the house. These types of ramps are lightweight and more durable than your average wood ramps.  Wood ramps over time breakdown from the environment and natures elements.  With an aluminum ramp there is virtually little to no up keep or maintenance. There is absolutely no rusting, rotting or splinters. Aluminum Wheel Chair ramps are also environmentally safe and are 100% recyclable.  Multi-weld fabrication process ensures less deflection of ramp surface

Aluminum Ramps Easy Installation

Installing an aluminum wheel chair ramp is easy and not as complex as a wood wheel chair ramp.  Aluminum wheel chair ramps can easily be installed in less than a day opposed to 2-3 days like most wood wheel chair ramps. These ramps have an 800lb. weight capacity with highest coefficient of friction for maximum traction. In order to give you an accurate estimate of the costs associated with putting together the structure and a layout of the ramp construction, our team of professional installers will come out to your house to evaluate the property and take precise measurements. Our mission at Patriot is to provide you with as many options as possible to help you make the right decision. Comfort and quality is very important to us and we believe in offering you the best solutions possible.

Aluminum Wheel Chair Ramp Color

Many people have the perception that aluminum wheel chair ramps come only in aluminum metallic color. All aluminum wheel chair ramps can be powder coated to fit the décor of your house or facility. You have the option to choose from an array of powder coated colors from black, deep red, green and much more.

When choosing which type of ramp is more beneficial for you remember to research the pros and cons before making a decision.  Aluminum wheel chair ramps have many benefits in helping improve your quality of living when it comes to mobility and compatibility. The greatest feature of Aluminum wheelchair ramp manufacturing is they come equipped not only with the best materials for assembly but also with a lifetime guarantee. Ask a Patriot team member for more information on how you can take advantage of owning your very own aluminum wheel chair ramp today.

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