Proper Use of a Rollator

What many people do not realize, is that you should stand up straight when using your rollator. Whether you are recovering from surgery or just suffering from the effects of aging, a rollater from Patriot Mobility can help you keep your balance and take some of the strain off your legs. Getting around the house is easier and safer with a rollator, especially if you suffer from bouts of dizziness or lightheadedness, which can make you lose your balance. The support provided by a rollator can reduce the risk of falls when used properly.

Using the Rollator for Balance

If you use your Rollator only for balance, simply guide the rollator forward as you step inside the rollator. Use normal gait. You should be close to the rollator with your hands slightly ahead of your body, pushing the rollator along. Do not lean over the rollator.

Using the Rollator for support

If you use your rollator to support your weight, it is best to keep the rollator still as you step forward. With your back upright, start by pushing the rollator forward. Step forward with one leg until your foot is inside the middle of the “box” created by the four rollator wheels. Hold the rollator still as you take the first step forward. Then step forward with your other foot. Move the rollator slightly ahead of you and continue the process to keep walking forward.

Tips for Using a Rollator

  • Don’t lean over the Rollator, stay upright to protect your back.
  • Common mistakes that cause you to lean over the rollator are
    • (1) pushing the Rollator too far in front of you, or
    • (2) adjusting the handles to the wrong height.
  • The Rollator handles should be high enough to allow the user to stand up straight and keep the Rollator close to them. The top of the handles should line up with the crease on the inside of the user’s wrist. Elbows should be bent at about 15 degrees.
  • Don’t hurry or take large steps and turn slowly to change directions.
  • Don’t use your rollator on stairs
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