Harmar Stairlifts – Introducing Exciting New Harmar Sierra, Harmar Pinnacle And Harmar Alpine

After the recent acquisition of Summit, Harmar Summit has formed the Harmar Access division that continues to manufacture Harmar stair lifts, such as Harmar Summit, Harmar Pinnacle, and many more. For anyone who is taking care of a disabled person the three new products introduced are going to be most welcome. The new products are Harmar Sierra IL500 Platform Lift, Harmar Pinnacle SL600FR, and Harmar Alpine.

Let us look into the details of all three and what they can do for your mobility and access to your home.

Harmar Sierra IL500 Platform Lift

Harmar Sierra is a 24V DC powered inclined platform lift that can transport you and your mobility scooter between the floors in your home. Harmar traditionally has product experience with mobility scooter and mobility wheelchair lifts and carriers for transportation in motor vehicles, cars and vans. It was only natural to, after Summit acquisition, come up with a hybrid product, a platform lift.

The platform on the Sierra measures 36 by 25 inches, which can accommodate a smaller size mobility scooter or a wheelchair with a passenger. Its maximum capacity is 500 lbs. To carry a bigger size and weight, an upper, hand rail must be installed on the stairs. The lower track is installed on stairs and is identical to the Pinnacle Stair Lift track. The robust design of the Harmar Sierra IL500 allows for both indoor installation option and outdoor installation option.

An additional convenience feature is the on-ramp and the off-ramp, both of which will fold and unfold automatically on arrival and departure.
As is common with the other Harmar Stair Lift products, an overspeed sensor, and the obstruction sensors are included.

Harmar Pinnacle SL600FR

Harmar Pinnacle’s claim to fame is that it is the narrowest chair lift in the industry, measuring only 11 inch when folded. This is useful so the others can use stairs as the stair lift is tightly stoved away. Another space gaining feature is the optional new folding rail option. This comes in the play at the bottom of the stairs where, without folding, the rail would protrude deeply into the room, causing possible tripping over or even obstructing opening of the door near the foot of the rail.

The folding rail option on Harmar Pinnacle SL600FR will automatically fold the bottom of the rail up back onto itself when the stair lift is away, and will automatically unfold when the stair lift approaches. Harmar Pinnacle will carry a 350 lbs heavy person as high as much as 70 feet up the stairs with the maximum velocity of 20 feet a minute. The patented “helical worm gear” similar to rack and pinion does not require any lubrication and will not stain your stairs or clothes.

Harmar Alpine

Harmar Alpine is ready to use both 24V DC battery and AC power which is beneficial, as each have their advantages. However, as compared with Harmar Pinnacle, the “range” of Harmar Alpine is shorter, just 32 feet. Harmar Alpine is available in three options, Alpine, Alpine Express, and Alpine Signature. The options differ primarily in the comfort and foldability of the seat, and in the availability of the folding rail option, and anodized rail option.

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