Are You a mobility Scooter User Who’s Planning a Spring Vacation? Here are 5 Tips for a Smooth Getaway:

02 May Are You a mobility Scooter User Who’s Planning a Spring Vacation? Here are 5 Tips for a Smooth Getaway:

Are You a Mobility Scooter User who’s planning a Spring Vacation?

5 Tips for a Smooth Getaway

If you’re a mobility scooter user, don’t think that you have to miss out on Spring vacations. With a little forethought, you can have an amazing and enjoyable getaway. Planning ahead is key to a stress-free trip.

  1. Get to the airport early if you’re flying – so that you can make the necessary screening arrangements.
  2. Make sure your hotel is truly accessible – Keep in mind what most people think of as accessible may not be for the mobility scooter user. Speak to are hotel representatives before you choose one. Some questions to ask: Is there a plug-in close to the bed so that you can charge your scooter easily? Is the bed in the hotel room the right height, so you can get in and out easily? Are there grab rails in the bathroom strategically placed by the toilet and or tub/shower? Does the bathroom door swing out rather than in for better access?
  3. Find someone with a similar disability who lives in the area and can give you advice –  The internet makes it easy to find and solicit advice from someone who’s also a mobility scooter user and lives in the area to which you are traveling. Search travel forums, or other specialized sites if you don’t know someone. Ask for recommendations for barrier-free restaurants, hotels, shops and places of interest that you can enjoy your vacation.
  4. Nix the group tour – While group tours can be wonderful, most are not set up for a mobility scooter user. Transportation may not be assessable, and some travel locations may not be accessible either. Group tours are set up with the group in mind, and most are not geared to address any special accessibility or other need you might have.
  5. Make sure to consult with your hotel’s concierge – Contact the concierge once you get to the hotel He or she should be able to recommend accessible restaurants, shops, and attractions in the area and can also suggest suitable transportation options.

If you have any questions or need more information call Patriot Mobility Inc.

1-631-392-4050 or 1-800-392-9036

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